Enjoy an Affordable Stay

Who says that premium cat care has to come with premium pricing? Not us! See how affordable it is to have your cat enjoy a stay at Cat’s Cradle Boarding & Grooming. And when you’re ready, be sure to call us to book!

Boarding Rates

  • 1-Cat Family: $27/day
  • 2-Cat Family: $41/day
  • 3-Cat Family $52/day
  • 4-Cat Family: $62/day
  • 5-Cat Family:$69/day
  • 6-Cat Family $78/day (when housed in the same living space)
Give us a call for long-term boarding discounts. There is no cancellation penalty, and no nail trims are required.
Grooming Rates
  • Nail Trims: $20
  • Pants/Rear/Brazilian Shave: Only $25 ($20 if combined with bath)
  • Chest/Tummy/Pants Shave: Only $30 ($25 if combined with bath)
  • Comb-Out: $40 and up
  • Lion Cut: $105 and up
  • Body Clip: $130 and up
  • Long-Hair Baths: $75
  • Medium-Hair Baths: $65
  • Short-Hair Baths: $55
All baths include a comb-out, nail trim, bath, and hand-finish drying. And all kitties leave with sparkling eyes and ears!
Special Needs Rates
• $2 per medication per treatment

Please ask us about special rates for special medical needs, such as subcutaneous fluid therapy, insulin injections, etc.
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