Beyond the Kitty Condo

When your cat or cats come to stay at Cat’s Cradle Boarding & Grooming, rest assured they’ll be getting the luxury experience – and you’ll be getting peace of mind. We don’t just put your cat into a cage while you’re away. Your cat has plenty of opportunity to play, explore, and make friends in our unique facilities.

But it’s not all fun and games here at Cat’s Cradle. We are also proactive when it comes to guarding your cat’s health and making sure they are as frisky and happy when they return to you as they were when they left. Check out all the steps we take to ensure your cat’s health, and when you’re ready, call us to book your cat’s stay.

Before You Arrive

The first thing we do is make sure your feline friend is up to date on all of his or her vaccinations. We require that cats who stay with us have the following vaccination:

• Viral Rhinotracheitis / Calici / Panleukopenia (Distemper)

These are only three of the hundreds of viral infections that infect cats. Making sure your cat has all of his or her vaccines is a great way to safeguard his or her health. Not sure if your cat is up to date? Just ask us! We’d be happy to call your vet for you and get the relevant records.

And if you don’t have time to take your cat to the vet, don’t worry. We can vaccinate your cat here at Cat’s Cradle while he or she boards with us. A current vaccination is only $30! We also enjoy a close working relationship with Dr. Bill Estheimer and Dr. Jerry Moore of East San Rafael Veterinary Clinic.  
A Few Quick Questions
Once you arrive with your cat or cats, we’ll ask you how they’ve been doing at home. You see your cats the most, so you would know. Let us know if your cat has been drinking more water, spending more time in the litter box, or isn’t eating the way he or she used to. This information will help us understand where your cat is coming from and give him or her better care throughout the stay.
Your Cat’s “Jenny Craig Moment”
Humans may not like weigh-ins – but luckily, cats don’t mind! We weigh all cats upon arrival, re-weigh them every few days, and add that to the extensive veterinary records we keep of each cat who comes to stay. This helps us track long-term trends and keep a close eye on your cat’s health.
Flea Control
Fleas are active all year round here in the Bay Area, and even indoor cats can get fleas from time to time. If we spot fleas on your cat, we’ll treat him or her with Advantage at our cost. We’ll only charge you $20 for the Advantage itself. That’s just one of the benefits of coming to stay with us.
Clean and Neat
Viral infections spread from cat to cat the same way they spread from human to human – through the air, on surfaces, and more. We are relentless about cleaning and use Accel, an extremely effective disinfectant that kills all surface viruses. It’s one way we work to keep your cat healthy throughout his or her stay.
Your Cat’s Favorite Dishes
We carry a wide range of premium dry food as well as Fancy Feast and other wet varieties. If your cat enjoys food from some of the top leading brands, chances are, we already have it in stock! But if your cat is a finicky eater, we suggest you bring in some of his or her favorite foods.
Kitties with Special Needs
We’ll take great care of your little one while you’re gone! All you have to do is bring all of your cat’s medication with you and let us know what’s up. (Diabetic cats should come with a few extra syringes, as there are many different kinds of syringes with different calibrations.) We’ll take everything from there.
Veterinary Services Available
Emergencies can happen even if you’re not here to help your cat. But don’t worry. Our owner, Jan, has over 40 years of experience in the veterinary field, so she knows just what to look for. We’ve been in the county for 27 years and have great working relationships with most of the vets in Marin County. We never hesitate to call a vet if we see something that concerns us. If we can’t get in touch with your vet, we’ll call Dr. Estheimer and Dr. Moore of East San Rafael VeterinaryClinic.They’re only a block away from us, and they’re always happy to help.
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