A Different Way to Play

Cats have all different personalities. Some are shy, some are adventurous. Some want to play all day, others would rather snooze in the sunshine. Some need their “me time” and others want to get to know everybody and everything.

There’s a place for all different types of cat personalities at Cat’s Cradle Boarding & Grooming.

If your cat loves to explore, he or she is in for a great time! We have 7 different play areas of different sizes, suitable for every kitty personality, including our famous Tree Room! 2 of our rooms are great for shyer cats, and 5 are big and bold with lots of room to explore. Every playroom has multiple levels and numerous ways to play.

Open Your Cat’s World

Believe it or not, cats love to play with other cats – especially when they’re in neutral territory (like Cat’s Cradle) that nobody has to defend. Even if the cats don’t know each other, they do enjoy getting to know each other and exploring. In fact, many cat owners call us after their cat’s stay, raving about how much more outgoing and secure their cat is after a stay here at Cat’s Cradle.

We offer something for every cat. Adventurous kitties love to play in our bigger areas with lots of other cats, including the famous Tree Room. Quieter cats love to explore and get to know each other, too. Usually we’ll just open the door to the condo and let the cats scope things out on their own time and at their own pace. Some cats are content to watch, some get over their shyness and take a walk on the wild side, and others are only comfortable coming out to play when they’re alone. We’ll do whatever it takes to make sure your cat has a happy stay.

Don’t believe us? Check out our biggest playroom. It is 1500 square feet (bigger than some apartments) with couches, chairs, pillows, and all kinds of cat furniture. Your kitty can climb to the very top of the cat furniture and survey his or her domain, take a nap on the couch (just like home), or get to know the other cats. It’s all up to him or her.
Careful Cat Socialization
Let’s face it, people don’t always get along with complete strangers right off the bat, so why should cats be any different? We carefully monitor our cats’ progress and make sure we keep a watchful eye on all of the kitties. Each cat gets plenty of time and space to feel out a new play area. We also try to keep cats in the playroom associated with their condo, so they can head back “home” if they ever feel they need a timeout or just a nap. But if they’d rather nap on the couch (or sprawl out in the middle of the floor), that’s fine too. They can stay out all day if they like!

If this sounds like the kind of vacation you want for your feline friend, then what are you waiting for? Book your cat’s stay with us today. Just give us a call to get started!
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